The Company

We are a company of aerospace professionals which covers every aspect of the industry, from maintenance, legal matters, and operations, to acquisition of spare parts, and business development. Sky B Aviation is a national benchmark and we are prepared to channel every need in the aviation field.

We were born in 2003 as a result of the union of independent aerospace professionals, and motivated by the need for tackling special projects that required skills on a range of disciplines related to the aviation industry.

During these 14 years in the business, we have been part of important special projects, such as buying the assets of an aviation business in bankruptcy, disassembling commercial aircrafts, importing and exporting aircrafts, engines, tools and spare parts of airplanes and helicopters, consultancy and intermediation in aircraft trading, and local bidding and international bidding with governmental agency, to mention a few.

“We have all the necessary skills to satisfy each and every single one of your aeronautical requirements.”

Our team, made up of lawyers specialised in aviation and aerospace law, mechanics, engineers, pilots, and business developers, focuses on exceeding your expectations in any area you need.